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Here we go again Hi! I am only me and thats all I can ever be and the is vol 3

First there was my random chaotic brain rambling about this and that.
     and then I gave up

Then came my first realization and discovering Buddhism and running
     and then I gave up

Now three years has past since my last attempt so here I am again.  This time investigating the spiritual realm.  Understanding those who came before the Monotheistic Religions squashed out the gods of eld.

Researching and reading materials about people who lived and breathed.  From the heathens, pagans, Celts, Shinto, Voodou, Greeks, Romans, Anglo-Saxens, Egyptians, Hindu reading and understanding.

This doesn't mean I follow any of these religions virtuously, just that I want to understand how does Shintoism, or Asatru help someone become a better human. How can you look at the heathens of European ancestry with Odin, Frigga, Thor (with numerous spellings I chose the Americanized versions as I live here in america not to degrade someone else's feelings.) and find meaning for the moment.

Now you read this and go well you can't understand all that.  Maybe you can't but researching how setting an alter to Frigga and making sacrifices of food effects people.  How attending a Blot or Omairi creates community.

Also if you are Christian and believe in a monotheistic worldview I wish you no ill will I grew up with those bible studies and my problem is that I see sooo much contradiction among "true believers" that I see most people have never read the bible and don't follow with it.  They find a passage that fits there needs and hold on to it like a life preserver.  So please if the idea of researching other religions offends you I am sorry. If it makes you a better person namaste.

I am not nor do I claim to be an expert on any of this.  I plan on writing out my thoughts as I read and have random thoughts and write them out.  That is just how my brain functions. Feel free to ask a question or add some constructive input. Maybe we can all learn something.  Anything negative, hurtful, or trolling will be deleted.

As a Buddhist I try to do good things I do not follow any standard tradition, from my studies I try and follow the Buddha's teaching the best that I can and maybe to true Buddhists this offends you I am sorry but I think of Buddhism as a mindset, a way of thinking.  Buddha wasn't a god,  he was a man who found that if you live in the present and for others that you can find heaven right here and now.

So now I read and study this to see how it can effect the present may you enjoy the ride.


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