Wednesday, February 13

Busy Body

Busy busy always too busy... Starting this week I'm going to try and post once a week.  Been a running fool over the past few months.  Had to unfortunatly move inside to a treadmill as the cold weather and snowfall came in.  Not hardcore enough for the snow running, too much ice. So December 3rd we started running on the treadmill and I use the term we now as my wonderful wife decided to start running with me not that long ago and she runs a mean 5K definetly ahead of where I was at the point plus we both are feeling much stronger and leaner.

December 7th 2012 my wife's birthday and my first sub 30:00 5k coming in at 29:17 seconds, and I made it enough mile to have run to my grandmothers house from my house. The new goal make the trip back in less time. 3 months 17 days first trip

Then a few days later on December the 19th I not only beat my PR for the 5K with a 28:08 I trounced my 10K goal with a 58:31 meaning the goals for this winter are met and hit.  I have a 5K planed and looking into 10K's in the area this spring after my first summer running hoping to build toward my half (13.1 miles)

All in all things have been good other than my cars being old and needing maintenance   We finally feel like we're moving in the right direction.  I'll have more to say soon I promise.

Each morning we are born again. What we do today matters most - Buddha

Miles today: 6.22 (10K)

Miles 2013: 54 (87K)

Miles Total: 311 (501K)

Miles Back From Grandma: 143 (230K)

Monday, October 22

10K One Step Closer

So after a very crappy week at work I got to do overtime and had a crappy weekend.  Then woke up to have a crappy Monday... Sooo instead of getting out at 4:30 and running a 5K I got out at 3:30 and ran a 10K! About 1.5 miles in got a cramp in my side and lungs were aching still was thinking about my crappy work.  Then after a short tenth of a mile walk tried running again and made it a 1/4 mile before my lungs were burning again! Now I'm beating myself up that I can't even make it the 5K let alone 10K!

After a few more starts and walks I got a good pace going and my lungs seemed to feel better my muscles weren't the problem they were feeling great. Now I started hitting my stride The last 5K felt great! Ended up getting a 1'12'48" my overall goal for 10K is similar to my 5K 1'00'00" thats two 30:00 5K's.

I feel great hoping to get my treadmill next week and begin my work on getting to 13.1 by next fall! My overall goal is to run my first marathon the year after once I turn 3-0!  Who'd of thought I'd be prepping to run a marathon at the age of 30.  Most people who know me still think I'm full of it.  You'd have to have known me when I was younger.  I ran when I was like 12 but after that I'd be the one sitting there making fun of someone who ran. Ah well time makes fools of us all.

Miles today: 6.38 (10K) First real 10K

Miles 2012: 157 (252K)

Miles to Grandma: 70 (112K)

Thursday, October 18

Bad Horror Movies

  Today was uneventful, I managed to escape from work a little early to go for a 5K down the Eastern Trail.  (Where my Strength to Live 5K was) It is an awesome run! There were a few people walking some bikers, and a few other runners but without the pack keeping my attention I let my eyes wonder the woods and swamps and forests that I was passing by and it is a very pleasant place to go for a walk they have done a wonderful job at making it 

  I set a good pace and felt good for the first mile, about quarter mile into the second mile my lungs were burning and I had to slow up and walk for a little mile two was a struggle but I made it though pushing harder the last mile. End time was 32:58 not my PR that was 32:38 done at my 5K race but I'm getting there this time was with no pack to keep my pace with with luck I'll break the 30:00 mark soon.  I've definitely been feeling better.

  Now on to my topic of Bad Horror Movies comes the latest installment "The Gate" in this classic we have a young boy and his friend who accidentally summon demons to destroy the world.


  For those of you who don't wish to subject yourself to the hour and twenty five minute umm... excitement? After summoning these demons they need to be sealed up with the word of God! Oops that didn't work here's super demon! How will he save humanity?! With a giant model rocket that's what!  You heard me right a giant rocket in a demons chest will most certainly make him explode with FIREWORKS! Oh yeah and all the people and animals you thought dead come back as long as you defeat the demon this way! WooHoo!!! Brain thoroughly melted.  

  I have a sick fascination with movies in the fact that ninety nine percent of the time I will watch it through until the end and sometimes it can be a struggle.  Oh well.  On a good note Check out the movie "The Terror" staring Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson.  Filmed in 1963 this is a very good movie one with twists and turns as well as some very interesting special effects.  I won't spoil this one as I think most people should check it out.  Netflix has it on demand.

What happened today in History: The Battle of Ceder Creek 

Miles today: 3.1 (5K) West Cole Rd / Eastern Trail

Miles 2012: 151 (243K)

Miles to Grandma: 76 (122K)

Wednesday, October 17

The Morning After

   So here we are, we made it through the Earthquake of 2012 I'm sure like the Ice Storm of 97' and the Fire of 47' the Earthquake of 12' will live on... Or not... Probably not. So here's the thing it was odd, intense and freaky but with a few exceptions it didn't really cause much damage or destruction of which I am grateful. It will be a blip in the history of Maine almost the biggest ever recorded but almost, as we know, only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades. 

  Yet there we were first thing in the morning drinking our coffee and discussing where we were, what we thought, and it made me think. Why is it that disaster brings people together?  More than almost anything else; at work there are people who never get along yet were seen discussing "the quake".  It seems that there have been a lot of these types of events growing up, there have been some rallying events that people got together on the moon landing for one but those seem so few and far between.

   It's the great devastation that keeps us interested and connected.  The where we you when moments.  I remember I was in the Library of my high school researching a paper when the intercom came on to tell us about two planes hitting the World Trade Center.  Whether war or natural destruction it brings people together we forget the petty bullshit that separates us that makes us hate one another.  It's almost as if seeing or being near some horrific event makes us into Humans.  Almost gives me hope for the human race.

Miles today: 0 (0K) Off Day

Miles 2012: 148 (238K)

Miles to Grandma: 79 (127K)

Tuesday, October 16


  Went to work, came home, ran 5K good pacing need more practice in cold air, lungs ached by mile 1 1/4 had to walk a good portion of mile two after an adjustment period ran a solid 1 1/2 miles irked a little because if I'd had the pacing in mile 2 I would have come very close to my goal of 30:00 or less ended above my PR with a 36:58 but that is with a 15 minute second mile.  Almost... Rest day tomorrow.

 Then home to relax and watch some Halloween movies, right?.... No to be met with an EARTHQUAKE!?!? WTF? I mean I've felt the quakes we had in the past lil' oh was that a truck? No... This shook the house and had things falling off shelves I grabbed my wife's hand and was thinking of making a run for the door. The whole house was swaying and my heart was racing as if I just finished running.  After making sure my landlords hadn't had a heart attack as they are older we took stock of the house and put things back on shelves and I personally am glad that doesn't happen here regularly. 

Miles today: 3.1 (5K)

Miles 2012: 148 (238K)

Miles to Grandma: 79 (127K)

Monday, October 15

One foot in front of the other reincarnation 3 

  Ok Soooo..... I'm terrible at everything.  :-) I keep trying to keep up with this and my gaming blog, I've been trying to write the things in my head but life keeps intervening   For those reading this not a close friend I had gotten a bit over weight and extremely out of shape as well as smoking.  Now my wife has a new job and money and bills aren't stressing me I don't have to work 80+ hours to make ends meet.  This combined with some thoughts shared by a friend on her Facebook page led me to change my ways and I decided to loose the weight and see if I could learn to run again.

  I used to be interested in running but as I know now I was running wrong and causing damage to my legs and knees.  So I started I was 250 lbs or so and hadn't run more than 100' in the past 10 years.  First I walked my dog then as I was walking I decided to see how far I could run.... I made it 100 yds or so and was panting and sweating.  Day after day I went out making it 150 yds then 1/4 mi, then 1/2 mi, then 3/4 mi finally 1 MI! after a week of pushing I had run a mile in 14 minutes but I did it.

  Soon I had a goal of being able to run a 5K (5000 M or 3.1 mi) and day after day I progressed to 2 mi and up to and finally 3.1 miles my first 5K completed 2 1/2 months ago now was 48:00 but I had done it.  Soon after I was running 3.1 mi every night! Silly silly soon I saw a sign for a local 5K race being held in October and decided I was going to run in an official race! Then it happened after a month almost of running everyday while I was running about 1 1/2 miles in my legs cramped up BAD and I limped home.  

  After doing some research I found out I had shin splints and they suck, so I wanted to learn just how to prevent them.  This is when I found "Barefoot Running: Step by Step" a book by Ken "Bob" Saxon and Roy Wallack the preview sounded intriguing so I got the Kindle edition and started reading found a lot of good info so I tried it hurt as I was I walked a mile barefoot using his techniques and it worked sort of since I was still recovering from before.  After almost a full week with no running just a lot reading I got out and ran 1 mile! This time using the new technique.  (I'll go into that on another day)

  I made it and with a record time but I was out of breath and it was as if I was staring all over again... Using the new technique I would walk 2 mi then run the last mile, then the last 1 1/2. On my second such "run" I broke my PR (Personal Record) even though I had walked almost 1/2 of it I finished in 42:30.  After a day of rest the next time out I ran a little more than the last time and 2 minutes came off my PR.  So I set a goal of hitting 30:00 or less in the 5K a goal I still haven't quite hit.  

  As the race approached I was feeling strong and my PR was down to 34:58 but I was struggling to cut more out.  After a visit to my mothers for a quite Hi and Bye I got a little sick so I didn't run for a few days leading up to the race.  The day before the race I was feeling great and the day of was a gorgeous fall morning I felt rested and prepared and ready to run!

  When I got to the registration I had a few pre-race jitters lucky for me my wife was with me for support among all the ultra healthy people.  By now it's been almost 3 months and I've lost 30 lbs down to 220 yet I still felt like the fat out of shape guy off to one side.  Soon we were lining up I stayed with the runners in the middle off to the side the horn went off and the pack moved slow at first then I started to hit my stride.  Set my pace with an older gentlemen and continued for 2 mi straight with lungs burning had to stop to catch my breath the last mile was a struggle with a few short walks but I pushed on and finished strong ending with ..... 32:38! A New PR! Having others to push you is awesome.  

  So here I am 3 months in and still have 2:38 left to get to 30:00 5K and trying to get ready to do a 10K (10000 M or 6.2 miles) by next spring hoping to be able to run a Half (Half Marathon 13.1 miles) by next fall and eventually a full marathon. (26.2 miles) So I have goals and I decided to use my blog to update my progress, as well as still talk about what interests and irritates me.  With an all new format once I can get some time to sit and mess with it.

Wednesday, August 1

The Huntsman

Rant: So I finished "The Huntsman" by Michael Wilson and it was very enjoyable.  I highly recommend that you pick it up.  So here is my review; 

I picked up the sample eBook and unlike so many that give you the title page and maybe the table of contents this gives you four chapters!  After the first chapter I was intrigued after the second chapter I grew enthralled after chapter three I couldn't put it down.  I purchased the book and was not disappointed. 

The story follows three trails that of Eyulf, a Mage who through an accident destroys his home and disfigures himself.  The second Jaakko, a huntsman and his determination to hunt down a vicious beast that devastated his village. The last story we follow Avitus a soldier/sailor who becomes stranded in a new northern land lost to his profession, an older gentleman, finds his way into a kings service.

As the stories progress we see the world unfold with a coming threat. I can see that as I wait for book two to come out, that the stories will further intertwine.

This story is a very interesting view of the fantasy genre the interesting use of magic being tied to old Swedish  folklore of rune-singers somehow singing the elements into shape and form.  

All in all by the end of the book it left me wanting more leaves me wondering where the story will go.  I highly recommend it. From what I hear it should be in paperback soon...

The Real World:  My wife started her job this week and it appears that she likes it.  Which I'm hoping will mean that I can lay back on the OT giving us some more time at home plus we started a savings account with hopes of getting a house within a few years.  Our apartment and landlords have been amazing to us over these past six years but we need more space I think.

Lessons from Poe:  Madness vs. Intelligence

"Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect."

Other: My game-store my place of solace and nerd gaming has closed it's doors leaving me no place to go.  We all are going to try to stay in touch play from time to time at one another's houses but it's not the same I've been going there every Thursday for almost six years...

Writings: After a good start I've floundered but I did buy a new notebook and am planning on working on some of my short stories.  I have tons of ideas for stories but most of them I don't have enough time or energy to flush out. Some of them I think will make a much better short story then a novella. So I'm not giving up, hopefully with more time on my hands i'll put more time in on my writings rather than reading.
Word Count 690